"the new way to meet and make friends with the same interests"


Targeted at people who have a genuine interest in your product or service

A better return on

Your Investment

Our software allows us to offer you value for money, as we place your advert in front of people who are only interested in your product or service. 

You choose who see's your advert by choosing any combination of the following.

Interest - Location - Gender - Age

And your customers won't see "people who bought this also bought ..." that unrelated product, as they will only see the product they are interested in.

Your Investment

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Advertising with Gazinga can benefit you

Your Ad

At the forefront

Your Ad won't get lost in a multitude of adverts, as they do on other websites, as you decide who see's it, when and where. Just a simple, easy and transparent way to place Ad's, with added VFM.

No hidden charges

No complicated pricing structure


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