"the new way to meet and make friends with the same interests"


the simplest way to make new friends

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The Benefits?

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  • Simple to join, no lengthy form filling
  • Minimal info required
  • See the results immediately
The Benefits?

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The simplest way to make new friends


We want to make as simple as possible to find new friends and share your interest.


It's so easy, no lengthy forms to complete, asking your star sign.....or favourite music, who cares.

Minimal Personal Info

All we need is your name, age, postcode (first 3 or 4 digits only) and your interest, that's it.


Press Find Friends, and we work our magic to give you a list of people, that share the same interest.


No one else offers the service and results that Gazinga does.

value for money

No more subscription to join "clubs" you decide who you meet.

make new friends

Meet your neighbours, who might share the same interest as you.

away from home

Meet people who share the same interest, if away on business or holiday.

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