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A new way to find new friends, who share the same interest or are in a similar situation as you.
gazinga offers a unique way to make contact with people in your area to share or start a new interest, or just to talk to someone in the same situation as you. 

Search for new friends who

Share the same interests

Search for new friends based on what they're interested in your location, at gazinga we want to cater for everyone, and therefore are not restrictive on what you want to search for, obviously there are obviously certain things we can't and won't allow.

You may want to start a new interest, or continue with an existing one, but want to meet up with other like minded people and make new friends.

Or you may have a medical condition, and want to talk with other people who have the same issues, and may be able to help you through the process.

Whatever it is just search if it's not there just contact us and we can get you started on the route to making new friends.

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