"the new way to meet and make friends with the same interests"

What is gazinga ?

Good question !

Here's the answer.....

Gazinga enables you to make contact with likeminded people in your home postcode area, who share the same interest, to make contact and meet up with them, or on business or holiday, why not just meet the neighbours for a coffee at yours.

With no complicated forms to complete, no annoying advertising, or pictures of someones "funny" cat that you have no interest in, or a quiz to pick your favourite colour and star sign, plus don't we don't track your browser.  

Search easily

All you have to do is enter the first part of your postcode and your interest, and we do the rest...you can see all the people you already know and any new members, feel free to contact them, after all that's the whole idea to make new friends !

Search easily
Paddle your own canoe

Paddle your own canoe

We all like our independence, to do the thing we like.... but its always better with someone else who shares your passion or interest, whatever it is.

Here at gazinga we can help you find those people in your area, with just a few clicks!

What are you waiting for ?


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Welcome to Gazinga


Welcome to our brand new website! We are very excited to share this with you.

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What clubs do you want to see?


Get in touch with us and tell us what clubs you would like to see.

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