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How does it work?

The basic answer is easily...

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How It Works?

This won't take long...

I didn't want lots of forms to fill giving irrelevant info.

So just 4 bits of info that's all we need to get you started on the path to make new friends.

You can even try it  FREE for a month, to see if it's for you before committing.

How It Works?


The Process

You are just 4 simple steps away from finding and making new friends....

Step 1


Just your name, real name as the idea is to meet people, so why wouldn't you?

Step 2



Your age, not your birthday, this will update on the anniversary of your joining date.

Step 3


(34) MK1

First 3 or 4 characters only of your Home postcode plus you can add in your Business postcode.

Step 4


(34) MK1 , Football

Select your interest/s or if it's not listed, contact us and we can add it to list.

Simple as that

It’s as

Simple as that

Once you have entered your details, and joined, just press Find Friends, we work our magic and..... gazinga, you get a list of people you can make contact with.

If you don't get any results, either because it's a fairly unique interest, or there is no one in you immediate postcode.

We will then either suggest people who might not be in your specific postcode, but who have the same interest.

Or if we can't find anyone with the same interest, we will show you people in your area, and who knows you might make new friends anyway...


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